“We help businesses and nonprofits put in place and maintain a retirement plan that will effectively prepare employees for retirement, help attract and retain key employees and reduce overall plan costs and fiduciary risks.”

What We Do & How We Do It

What We Do

Attract & Retain Key Employees


Finding and keeping great employees tops the to-do list of most of the successful companies.
We evaluate, search for and then manage a corporate retirement plan that top tier employees expect.

  • We offer VIP one-on-one plan enrollment and guidance.
  • We provide on-going, personalized, financial education.
  • Our in-house Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS©) helps you design profit-sharing formulas and cash balance programs aimed at rewarding and retaining key employees and ownership.

Prepare Key Employees for Retirement


We continuously work with your employees one-on-one to make sure they:

  • Save enough for retirement. We provide savings rate alerts to keep your employees on track.
  • Invest wisely. Our investment alerts make sure they make prudent investments.
  • Make good decisions with financial education. We provide ongoing, personalized, financial education.

Reduce Plan Costs


We are a small business too, and we know that cash flow is the lifeblood of any organization. We relentlessly work to monitor, benchmark and lower your retirement plan costs. When the dust settles, our clients typically pay 40% less than they paid before they engaged us. Here is how we do it:

  • You can’t fight what you don’t see. We shine a light on all plan costs, benchmark those costs and eliminate all conflicts of interest. By removing all hidden fees and commissions from your retirement plan, you and your employees will finally have complete fee transparency.
  • We use institutional investments. Low-cost index funds are the foundation of our plan investment menus.
  • We undertake independent vendor search. We work for you – not an insurance company, broker or fund company – and match you with the best vendors for the lowest cost possible.

Reduce Fiduciary Risks


As independent, fiduciary advisors, we assume legal risk with you for the retirement plan and continuously work to lower that exposure.

  • Sleep soundly: Our in-house Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF©) recommends and monitors all investments.
  • Stay vigilant: Internal fiduciary audits catch problems before the IRS or DOL does.
  • Stay organized: Fiduciary vault organizes and keeps all relevant plan documents up to date in one secure place.

How We Do It

Evaluate Your Current Plan

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We offer a free, no-risk, executive summary. Provide us with some basic information regarding your current plan and we will provide you with a quick, concise, report summarizing fees, investments and the service quality of your current vendors.

Search for the Best Fit

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Continue the conversation with us, so we can understand your company’s unique needs and challenges and then, based on that information, pair you with the most appropriate retirement plan vendor. We handle all the coordination and run the search process. You just pick the winner.

Ongoing Management

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Retain us for on-going plan management. We focus on the plan, while you focus on your business. We evaluate, search for and then manage a corporate retirement plan that top tier employees expect.

Then we continuously work with your employees one-on-one to make sure they are saving enough, investing wisely and taking advantage of on-going financial education.